Hello! I'm John Menard. Designer & Product Strategist.

Sr. Product Designer @Ultimate Software. Co-founder @CoMate Design and Founder of ProtoMill.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer and product strategist with a decade of experience designing web & mobile applications in startups, agencies and enterprise organizations. I work cross-functionally with teams to help solve complex problems and minimize waste through leaner research and design methods, allowing to validate solutions in the market at a much faster rate.

I Write

  1. Abusing the Concept of the Minimum Viable Product

    For lack of a better term I’m using the word “Abusing” because that’s immediately what comes to mind when I hear it being thrown around the office without any idea of what it means. Do they really mean “V1”?

  2. Designing for Consumer IoT Products (On Medium)

    Consumers are arguably the most difficult market to design for. They may not be inherently interested in a certain technology and unlike employees or workers, they have a choice whether or not they’ll use your product or service.

  3. UX Design is Strategy (On Medium)

    It’s no surprise, the design profession is quickly evolving, expanding from a deliverables based segment to a more business-oriented entity that can provide a strategic differentiation for companies. Beyond translating and communicating the value of a product or service to consumers, how does this feed into providing value to the business as a whole? This depends on our ability to clearly articulate the impact UX design has on business.

  4. Presenting Multiple Design Options to Your Clients. Just. Don’t. (On Medium)

    Very often, I hear designers talk about providing two or three mockups for a client and then ask them to choose their favorite. I totally get that point of view — by providing three varying concepts during the process, you’re letting the client know that you’ve explored many options and can churn out beautifully crafted designs with ease in a short amount of time.

  5. Improving Designer Collaboration (On Medium)

    Over the past few years of working with design teams and shipping products, I’ve come up with a simple system that solves a few pain points that I witness time and time again with teams working together on both large and small scale projects.

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Companies I've Worked With/For

Apple • IBM • HUGE • Y Media Labs • Snagajob • Home Depot • Capital One • Kohls • Ruth's Chris Steakhouse • National Breast Cancer Foundation • Eloqua • Luma WiFi • Avea • Chef'd • PWC • FS Brazil • Waratek • Phosphorus • Bastille Networks • Endgame • Lanetix • Ultimate Software


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